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AllSaints is a British fashion retailer headquartered in London, UK. AllSaints sells menswear, womenswear apparel, footwear, and accessories in 232 stores, and has approximately 3,200 employees across 27 countries and regions including the UK, France, Ireland, USA, Canada, Russia, South Korea and Taiwan. Currently, 85% of the company is owned by Lion Capital LLP.

Peter G. from Baltimore wrote a review for Influster in which he explains how frustrating his shopping experience was at AllSaints: "I ordered a men's cashmere sweater in the post-holiday sale (the last one)... when the package arrived it was the WRONG ITEM- a flimsy women's sweater apparently mistagged as my item. I filled out the return form, indicating that the wrong item was (obviously) shipped, and explaining in writing that I was expecting my men's sweater, not what they sent. Weeks passed. I followed up, and they are now telling me that they are RE-SENDING THE WRONG ITEM BACK TO ME AGAIN because their computer records show they sent the right item originally (due to the mislabeling). They refuse to provide a refund or any accommodation of any kind. I'm stuck with this crappy women's sweater I have no use for. THEY LITERALLY STOLE OVER $200 FROM ME. I am so livid, I'm shaking! DO NOT SPEND A PENNY with this terrible company, they are THIEVES."


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Gerente de tienda (Former Employee) says

"Tienen un completo descontrol en cuanto a inventarios y departamento de RH"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"this place was a horrible experience. if you didn't make high numbersw you are looked upon as useless. shifts are based around numbers. they don't care about you at all and treat you as an expendable asset. this company couldn't careless about you unless you are raking in at least $10,000 in sales a week. its absolutely ridiculous. I have worked for a lot of shady companies but this one takes the cake."

Stylist (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend working here, the management are awful and talk down to you like you're a nobody. The training given is non-existent, but a lot is expected of you from the get go. Just simple do not work here."

Maintenance Worker (Former Employee) says

"They offer you a pt position and you hope to move to f/t it never happens, they want things done but only want you to put in 5hrs a day. If you get more than that you have to explain yourself over and over again.Easy workHorrible management and a lazy maintenance supervisor"

Floor Manager (Former Employee) says

"Crazy hours for retail work and sometimes expected to work 14 days straight without days off when other managers are on holiday. Awful pay and awful treated by area management."

Stylist (Current Employee) says

"Management havent got a clue They enjoy making your life a misery lunch break frequently given 7 hours into an 8 hour shift even though i was a top seller i was still treated and talked to like garbage really sad cause loved the brand but management really ruined it for me. Never given your £35 if you made an 800 pound sale. Supposed to be added onto your wage but never was."

Stylist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company to work for, they do not pay on time at the end of the week, there is no communication between managers and employees, very short lunch break, and managers have no respect for employees.Free clothes to work in as a uniformNot being paid on time, Favortism, No communication between managers and employees"

Customer Experience Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Arrogant inexperienced team leaders at head office who tend to only be nice and polite when the big heads are around. Snobbish staff. Fake career promises. The uniform/allowance benefit makes no sense (50% off is not really 50% off, deadline to use it, not transferable). Discrepancy in benefits and bonuses depending on contract. The extremely high turnover speaks for itself.The music, interaction with customers from across the globeLong hours, uncomfortable chairs, outdated system, old equipments"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"We do not have job secure. Not a good management or culture. You do not have liberty to manage your own team. Lack of team work specially management team."

personal stylist (Former Employee) says

"Awful pay for very demanding work, very shoddy working facilities and management were at times very unprofessional. Never got paid correctly or on time. Staff were very toxic and would try and boss others around, stand up for yourself and it would just land you in trouble with management over trying to mention a simple issue. You would be made to arrive early before your shift and leave late and not get paid for it either, if you tried to leave on time you will be disciplined.Leaving the storeEverything apart from leaving, even though you'd be in the next day."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"The company has not been doing very well in recent years and that has been reflected in garment quality (prices were reduced as was quality and craftsmanship) and the way in which employees are treated. Loyal, hardworking employees are not adequately trained and nurtured in order to grow with the company and provide much-needed support and expertise. This is not a place where you can learn and grow professionally. There is no real corporate environment and retail is struggling so compensation packages are dismal. Corporate employees are not interested in hearing from or working with retail (many of whom have a lot of insight and knowledge to offer) which is a huge part of the reason why the retail business is failing.Free clothesNo work-life balance, no learning/training opportunities, no career advancement, very low pay"

Fashion Stylist (Former Employee) says

"I worked at AllSaints Ashford Designer Outlet in 2017 and it was the most painful experience of my working career, The store managers are petty and on your back 24/7, They are desperate for customer service and they watch you on the CCTV, if you’re not approaching every customer when they enter the store they make you feel so bad about yourself, They make you follow the customers around the store and force them into the fitting rooms to try on, The staff members are in a cliche and they will not speak to you neither will the management, i wouldn’t recommend working there at all, they don’t let you take a break either or go for a drink.No breaks, awful management, evil staff.Free uniform."

Floor Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was employed as a floor manager and despite the hard work I've done for years I faced extremely unprofessional managing teams and HR, from mainline to outlets. The company underpays people for what they do and people come and leave ALLSAINTS daily. Although I am grateful for being given the opportunity to progress. Overall I would not recommend to work for the brand.uniformunderpaid"

Dietary cook (Former Employee) says

"Is very tense, and very stressful cause I work by myself and in my half an hour lunch was never allowed me to take my full 30 minutes cause I had to attend the nurses with formula and was never took my breaks without been disturbed,Coworkers were not niceRather work by myself instead"

Stock Supervisor/Manager (Former Employee) says

"Never felt heard or taken seriously into consideration. Poor management across levels and mistreatment. Too many people quit (around or more than 20 turnovers in the same period) all for the same reasons. They don’t care about or take care of their employees who are the ones there making the money."

Floor Manager (Former Employee) says

"Pay your floor managers, stock managers, and ASM better. You require a lot of work for minimal pay and criticism at the highest extent. If you want talent and involvement at an all time high, can't motivate others with minimal pay. Do adequate background checks on your managers, develop hands on trainings, instead of reading from a computer 24/7. CEO barely has any care for the brand when stepping foot into stores, why push associates so hard as brand ambassadors, team reflects off corporate-management- so on and so forth.Allowance; Discounts;Very little opportunity for growth; Horrible management; Cheap pay;"

Stylist (Former Employee) says

"There is a HUGE lack of communication between company and stores. They under pay you with unfulfilled promises of advancement. They are dishonest with employees and customers. They barely follow labor laws and will never allow you to take your full breaks, even though you are entitled by law. The store managers are great, but are also mistreated.discountUnprofessional, dishonest, and under paying"

Stylist (Former Employee) says

"Theirs a reason this job is always open. Managment are constantly pushing sales and want you following around customers constantly. Rotas are always changed without 24 hours notice. The company do not listen to their staff.uniformpoorly treated"

Floor manager (Former Employee) says

"No training received when joined as floor manager, poor management within the store and out, store manager was horrible too work with. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone stay clear of this company as they don’t know how to treat staff properly."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Management don't care about you whatsoever, they don't give you flexible hours, they make you do dangerous work like unscrewing and screwing heavy metal shelves and picking up heavy glass, when they close off the store for the evening. They do not care about you as a person and treat you like slaves, only pro is that you get a decent break and the collegues are all nice and welcoming.nice colleugues, decent pay and breakpretty much everything"

Darren Jones says

"Finding the whole All Saints sale experience extremely difficult and very disappointing. Email confirming item being processed then receiving an email requesting further information. Information provided only to be sent a generic email stating otherwise! How woeful for a business this large!"

Henry Rose says

"Trying to return jeans, shirts and shoes. No response from them, have spent well over 10,000 here and still nothing from them... lame"

Graham Williamson says

"Spent a small fortune at All Saints over the years. Received a pullover as a present about a year ago and worn it literally 3 times. Has a massive hole under the arm. Customer Services are like a stuck record. Just keep asking me to go back to the person who bought me it and let them know the exact date it was bought and where. It’a obviously an All Saints top and obviously faulty so no idea why they can’t just refund it. Shoddy item and appalling service (also called me by an incorrect name on their 2nd email). Surely it can just be send back to a central hub and they issue a credit note or replacement (if still in stock). Won’t bother with them again."

kaixin says

"During a 60% off sale, I saw a faux fur jacket for $105. thus, I put it in my cart and waited until five days had passed until I had enough time to check-out. Guess what happened when I want to* checked out? The price increased from 105 to 140, though the 60% discount was THE SAME. I have no idea whether this was a website mistake or just deceptive marketing, but it does not matter. I emailed CS about this inquiry only to here that my claim was falsified and that the lowest price was 140. I do not care about the jacket or the discount anymore, I just felt frustrated and disappointed that they did not believe my experience after I saw it with my own eyes. I would just suggest shopping elsewhere..."

Gilles Bel Ange says

"I've been waiting for over 2 months for my online order to arrive. When it finally did, I was asked by customs to pay an additional 492NIS to release my order. This is unacceptable. I love your brand and have been buying your clothes for over 10 years. As a long standing loyal customer, why would I pay almost the same amount as the cost of my purchase (492NIS are 126€, and my shirts cost 168€)? If I had known that custom fees would be so expensive, I would have never made this order. I look forward to hearing from them with a reasonable solution."

Marky Van says

"I bought several items from the Newcastle store for christmas presents but took one back to the store as it was not suitable. Instead of giving my refund like they had promised I was given an envelope to put the item in with the paperwork and send to them. I sent it back that day and tracked it. AllSaints have now had the item for nearly two weeks but have not refunded me. They have not responded to two emails and their phone number has been out of service every time I have called it. I am now currently looking into how to complain somewhere independently to get my money back."


"Horrible experience all around with their customer service. I had ordered 5 items online: 1 shirt, 1 purse, 1 pair of jeans, and a jacket in 2 different sizes as I was unsure of which size would fit. When I received the shipment, 1 of the jackets was missing from the box. I raised this issue to their customer service team who said they would investigate, but in the end assured me that the items were in fact included in the shipment. The customer service team was extremely dismissive and would not outline how I am supposed to prove that it was in fact not included in the box, they simply said their investigation was done and they won’t refund me for the item I did not receive. I guess it is the AllSaints policy for all customers to video tape the opening of their packages to prove their incompetence because I don’t know how else to prove that the jacket was not included. Their mistake will end up costing me over $300 CAD for a product I did not receive which is completely unethical on their end. This has been a complete failure on their end from the shipping department to their customer service team. I will not be shopping with AllSaints again and will be sure to inform my network of my experience as well."

Dan Sellwood says

"I bought 4 all saints t shirts over Christmas and of the 3 I’ve worn, two have holes in already. I have definitely not caused them they are just bad quality. Won’t be buying All Saints again."

Andy says

"I ordered from the German Online Shop and was surprised that shipping took rather long. When I learned the items were not shipped from Germany but from the UK I understood shipping delay and didn't care too much. Now I need to return an item and international shipping becomes an issue since AllSaints does not pay for returns and shipping insured to UK cost me €17. Will not order again and I will be sure to warn everybody who asks me about my experience. Edit: I obviously contacted your customer support prior to writing a review like this. They were not able or willing to offer an acceptable solution and pointed out that this is within their T&Cs. I don't take reviews like this lightly. After my review customer support offered a gift card refund for the amont of the shipping cost."

Gareth Uprichard says

"Customer services were really quick getting back to me after posting on trustpilot. I was then told that my replacement t-shirts, that had developed another hole, were a gesture of good will as the first set of t-shirts I bought were out of warranty. It was very nice of them to tell me that. I was NOT told why the holes keep appearing in the first place!? I can honestly say I will never shop with AllSaints again!"

Kyrillous Kamal says

"I recently have bought a leather jacket and it got some cuts in the jacket which is really disappointing for a such an expensive jacket. I also don’t know how to return an intentional package so I am kinda stuck right now."

Kyle Magee says

"I seem to be getting lots of holes in my Allsaints long sleeve t-shirts. I love the fit and feel of the material but there have like 50 holes on them now. And it's happened to 3 tops now. I thought it was moths at first but it has not happened to any of my other clothes. What's going on? Is the material just poor. You'd hope not for £40 a pop. In general, I love Allsaints basic style though."

HP says

"website keeps listing sale items as available when they are clearly not."

Bob says

"I actually really REALLY used to love Allsaints. It was awesome post-punk / darkwave fare hard to find anywhere else. But I’m guessing the head designer...the Burberry guy left. Now it’s crappy hip-hop junk. It used to be a little expensive for its quality but the designs were amazing so it was a good deal. Now it looks bad, is of poor quality but is still expensive. But people are dumb so they’ll still buy it."

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